Create Bracelets to document all of life’s special moments, like the birth of a child, celebrating an anniversary, or recognizing major milestones or life achievements.The secret behind our success is that each piece of handcrafted PANDORA jewelry provides the opportunity for women to create their own unforgettable moments. With more than 600 charms and beads to choose from, the combinations are endless and every piece is unique to its wearer.


  • Assemble a piece with a signature color in mind to compliment your unique sense of fashion.


The strength of the PANDORA bracelet is the patented, unique threading system, which others have tried to duplicate without success. Each bracelet is divided into three sections by small threads. Every bead is equipped with interior threads, which allow for customized placement of beads and charms within any bracelet segment.


By popular demand, PANDORA also offers its signature style in a unique line of matching jewelry including Stackable Rings, Layering Necklaces, Customizable Earrings and Swiss Made Watches. These pieces express your complete unique look.


PANDORA jewelry is handcrafted in 14K gold and sterling silver, and held to extremely high-quality, fine jewelry standards. Diamond and precious gemstones adorn many PANDORA charms, while other beads are made of hand-blown Murano glass.


There is no right or wrong way to wear PANDORA. You choose…You combine…You can create your own expression.

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